Thursday, January 7, 2010


You want a better position than younow have in business, a better and fuller place in life. Alright, think of that better place and you in it as already existing. Foirm the mental image, keep on thinking of that higher position. Keep on thinking yourself as successful. Keep the image constantly before you, and - no you will not suddenly be transported into the higher job.. into the successful position, but you will find that you are preparing yourself to occupy that better position.


will grow up to the job and after hard work and years of preparation you'll find the successful position and the higher place in life


The true meansing of success may seem complex. However the concept of success is really quite simple. Success is the progressive realization of owrthy dreams, goals,and objectives. One never truly arrives at a destination called success, but rather is either successful or not successful at achieving goals and reaching objectives.

In other words, success is not the destination, but are the steps we take on the path to our destination.

In order to succeed, we must successfully nevigate the path to our dreams, goals, and objectives. Once we see it as "the steps" we are able to calculate the "next successful step" toward our destinations. We are able to measure the success of a day by determining if we are further down our paths at bedtime than we were at sunrise.