Monday, November 28, 2011


Can any one tell that I don't like gift.  No one in the world does not like gift.There are different types of gifts.

Most lovable gift is LOVE GIFTS. Especially first gift from a lover.

Do you ever got any gift or gave any gift to your lover?

Let me wait for that......?

Monday, November 14, 2011


Throughout the world Thailand is playing major role in the manufacture of Electronic items, especially computer hardware spares .. Thailand is keeping 70% of the market share.

Due to recent flood in Thiland most of the Important cities were affected very much .  Main companies who are importing electronics items are surrounded by flood. 

Because of this famous company  Seagate who is famous for manufacturing computer hard disk cannot able to function  because of this Thailand's import has mostly reduced.  That is why the prices of computer hard disk has increased double in most of the countries.

This is because of natural calamities we cannot help for that. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Please follow the following diets which has been researched by JOHN HOPKINS RESEARCH CENTER, AMERICA.  It is also known as general motors diet.

1st day:: Fruits day. Orange, Apple,Pomegranate,Watermelon, etc. You can eat all the fruits especially watery fruits except BANANA

2nd day:: Vegetables day.. Morning only boiled potato.  For taste add little salt and species.  You can eat full stomach.  DO NOT USE OIL AND COCONUT,

3rd day:: MIXED FOR FRUITS & VEGETABLES DAY.  You can eat all the fruits & vegetables except POTATO & BANANA

4th day::  Only Banana & Milk.  3 glass of milk & Maximum 8 bananas.  If you wish you can drink vegetable soup.

5th day:: One cup of rice only.  Rest you can eat six big tomatoes. Still if you feel more hungry drink only waters.  Plenty of waters 
you can drink.

6th day:: one cup of rice & balance only vegetables either boiled or fresh vegetables.

7th day:: one cup rice with vegetables and one cup of fruit juice.

That is all.  Your can find the results. 

There is no restrictions for the above diet.  If you drink Tea/ coffee please drink without milk and sugar.Avoid Oil.

After 3 days please continue the above diet and reduce your weight.

Friday, November 11, 2011


All are eagerly waiting for the baby of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD Aishwarya.  

As today is the precious day as six 1s are coming 11.11.11

We too start welcoming the baby. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

why are we getting yawning?

Why are we yawning?

Can any one tell.  One of my Dr.friend told that our brain needs oxygen.  When It is reduced our brain cells are getting tired.  To avoid this tiredness lungs will start acting more and we are getting yawning. 

A group of people who are doing the same work continuously are getting tired and all will yawning.

But we assume that If the opposite person is yawning means we also get yawn. 

I donot know but now I am yawning after seeing this kid.   Bye