Saturday, November 12, 2011


Please follow the following diets which has been researched by JOHN HOPKINS RESEARCH CENTER, AMERICA.  It is also known as general motors diet.

1st day:: Fruits day. Orange, Apple,Pomegranate,Watermelon, etc. You can eat all the fruits especially watery fruits except BANANA

2nd day:: Vegetables day.. Morning only boiled potato.  For taste add little salt and species.  You can eat full stomach.  DO NOT USE OIL AND COCONUT,

3rd day:: MIXED FOR FRUITS & VEGETABLES DAY.  You can eat all the fruits & vegetables except POTATO & BANANA

4th day::  Only Banana & Milk.  3 glass of milk & Maximum 8 bananas.  If you wish you can drink vegetable soup.

5th day:: One cup of rice only.  Rest you can eat six big tomatoes. Still if you feel more hungry drink only waters.  Plenty of waters 
you can drink.

6th day:: one cup of rice & balance only vegetables either boiled or fresh vegetables.

7th day:: one cup rice with vegetables and one cup of fruit juice.

That is all.  Your can find the results. 

There is no restrictions for the above diet.  If you drink Tea/ coffee please drink without milk and sugar.Avoid Oil.

After 3 days please continue the above diet and reduce your weight.

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