Saturday, December 10, 2011


Harish sainathan  .. a 3.1/2 year old boy died after eating banana in his school.

He born in 26.12.2007, his father was a software engineer, he stayed in a house at Kizhkattalai.  When this monday his father dropped sai at Pallavaram school and went to his office.  
After an hour he received call from school and your son is admitted in Kamatchi hospital when he went there they told he admitted in BM hospital.  But finally they saw their son's body only.

It is because of the banana which he likes more.  Everyday he used to take snacks as Banana.  His mother told he loves banana but the same has taken his life too.

He was studying in Vel Vidyashram,  When the school Management informed that on that day other child's birthday hence sai ate choclate andimmediately ate banana, that is why the banana stuck in his throat hence he cannot able to breath.  We tried our level best to save the child but we cannot.

Is it a good answer from the school were they donot have any first aid / PT teacher.?  
What is the remedy for this?

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