Sunday, February 19, 2012


All the people like healthy and glow hair.  But hair growth is mainly on the treatment which we are giving to the hair.

Please follow the following tips:-

1. Prepare the hair as below
    Boil pure oil with curry leaves and keep that cool. Apply that  Coconut oil daily from the scalp to the toe of the hair. whenever you are applying the oil please do massage on the scalp.

2.  Donot apply shampoo or soap to your hair.  Apply the naturally occuring products like Shikakkai, Moong Dall flour  etc 

3. Never forget to add Green Vegetables, Sprouts, Dates, Dry grapes  .. Which will keep the hair on the growth side

4. Every day drink milk in the night

5. Keep your hair always neat and clean.

6.  Wash your hair with ordinary water.

Follow and keep your hair growth in good

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