Thursday, November 29, 2012


All the make-ups will be completed when you put bindi on your forehead. 

Now various designs are coming in the market.  But it suits to your face, then only the beauty will come high.

If you have round face always put lengthy bindi which will make your face little longer and will give attraction.

If your forehead is shorten then put the bindi in between eye brows. 

Heart shape face .. put kumkum on your face which will increase the attraction.  You can also put small size lengthy  bindis which is also suits to your face.

Oval shape face .. put round bindi in the center place of your forehead also put small size lengthy bindis, too.

Square type face .. should not put lengthy bindis, they can either put oval shape or big round shape.

If you have triangle face.. then you are very lucky, all the shapes bindis will suits to your face.

Put correct bindi and increase your beauty...........


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