Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to encourage positive behaviour in young children

1. Model positive behaviors for your children. Your children are always watching you even if you don't think they are. They are very likely to follow your behavior patterns. When they see you doing things that are good or positive, they will also. When they see you engage in negative behaviors or talk, so will they.

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    Set realistic expectations. These expectations might cover areas such as getting homework done every night, behaving well in the classroom, getting a good grade on a certain project or test, and so on. These expectations are important motivations, so make them specific and achievable, but don't be afraid to set the bar high. People achieve according to the expectations set for them.

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    Reinforce good habits with rewards. When children perform well on a test or have exhibited good behavior over a certain period of time, reward them. Give them an extra 15 minutes of television time, take them to a favorite restaurant or come up with another treat. Students who have performed well and worked hard deserve a little recognition. This reinforces good habits and makes them more likely to occur again.

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    Spend time studying with your children. Set aside some time each night to help them with homework. This shows them that schoolwork is important and that they are important too. This is also a great time to talk with your children about the material they are working on, reinforcing the concepts and helping them make real-world connections to what they are studying.


    1. If more parents followed these rules maybe there'd be fewer problems in the world.

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