Thursday, August 18, 2011


I still remember my grandma's story about money.

Every day she used to tell that story that money is not a main thing but without money also we cannot live. 

The story is very interesting.  I would like to share that story to you.  There is a village called Mullai  .. a small beautiful family were residing  Father, Mother, and there two daughters.  That mother is such a nice lady and she taught both the daughters what is life how to live and all.  Both the daughters were grown and when they attained the age of 18 their parents made their marriages.  The First daughter very soft spoken person she married to a farmer and the second daughter very smart she married to a shop keeper.   After one year of marriage the Father and Mother wants to visit their children house,  they went and saw the first daughter first.  When they reached their home at 9 am the knocked the door.  The door was opened and they were shocked after seeing their daughter.  Her look were very ugly and when they entered into the home there are so many cloths, papers, and chairs were full of things there is no space to stand there also.  Daughter told to that parents whey you came so early I was sleeping, You be here I will come after finishing my sleep please then she went inside and continued her sleeping.  The mother start cleaning the room and she went inside the kitchen .. horrible Cockroach  & Mosquitoes were  flying.  Then the mother thought it is very difficult to clean then she kept quite and sit.  In the afternoon there son-in-law came he bought one parcel and he wake up his wife and they both were ate.  The father and mother asked the son-in-law why you are allowing her to sleep like that why you are not informing her to prepare dishes why you are buying from outside food it is waste of money and it will spoil your health.  But the son-in-law told that I am having money my wife is too young she cannot do cooking and cleaning and all. I am earning more I can take care of my wife do not worry.  If you are complaining means you please go out of my house. 

Then they visited their second daughter.  She was not in her home.  she was with her husband in the shop and helping him to do the work.  After seeing them She come very happily and asked them to sit with them in the shop and after finishing her work she will accompany with them.  They both were watching the shop and there daughter too.  They were happy and after some time they backed to their house.

After so many years the father and mother were reaching their last stage they called both the daughter.  First daughter she cannot come because of her ill-health and ill-wealth but the second daughter she came with her husband and meet her parents.  The parents told the second daughter that You please inform to your sister that YOU NEED MONEY or MONEY NEEDS YOU.  We earned money and we lived with that money and we also taught the same to you two.  But she has not realised that.   Please keep her part of money with you.  Please give her when she needs.  And both the parents were died.

My granny voice still we remember.  DONOT ALLOW you to need money.  Make money needs you,

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  1. wow very nice story & very natural indeed...
    u are lucky to have such granny to tell story...u know something i didnt see any of my granny ...
    any ways keep smiling always :)