Tuesday, January 1, 2013

why baby is crying.............

Baby's crying is always giving us fear.  We some times cannot find what for the baby is crying.  There are few tips through which we can identify the problem.

While sleeping if the baby is crying meas the baby is wet because of urine.  So immediately we have to change the diaper.

When the baby feeling sleepy bu the situation is not suits to the baby the baby will start crying.  So we have to keep the situation which will make the baby to sleep

Some times baby needs a hug so for that also the baby may cry.

So we ourselves has to find what for the baby is crying.

Some times when the teeth are coming out at that time also the baby will cry

So to avoid these situations we have to keep our baby in a warmth situation and make them to sleep well.


  1. If a baby cries incessantly and refuses to feed, please ensure that you seek medical attention. If you cannot find any reason for the cry, it is better to show a doctor. When you wean a baby, it can cause colic because of which she will cry without reason. However, if there is no reason you can find for the cry, better to seek medical help.