Monday, July 2, 2012


Remarriage .. Now a days it is quite common.   But all the remarriage couples are not going to another marriage i.e. third marriage.  Because of the surrounding people's comment.  They feel that the people tell that he/she cannot tolerate anything.  

Can any one tell about the tolerance limit.   No limit, its all depends upon their partner.  However, if they tolerate with their first partner means ... this world will not see the remarriage. 

But when a person will get the fruit on this patience.... no one can say, but one day they will get,  but before that also they may die .  However if you keep your patience at a high degree then you can achieve in your life.

It is my humble request that you can do remarriage en number of time also provided you don't have any issues,  but if you have child, please never opt for remarriage,  Remarriage is giving joy only for you and not for your kid.

It is my humble request............

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